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You can't have a great business without great people. However, great people are not enough. You need talented people who are aligned with your vision. Plus, they all need to be in positions where they can thrive. 
In my previous article on the Six Key Components™ of the EOS model, I talked about defining a vision for your business that everyone can buy into. The next step on the journey to improving the health of your vision is ‘people’. 
In EOS, we show business owners that you can't achieve your vision alone. You need to surround yourself with talent, from top to bottom. We call this getting 'the right people in the right seats'. Let’s break that down.  

The right people 

Having the right people means everyone in your business buys into your vision and shares your core values (you will have defined your core values when working on your vision). It doesn’t matter how capable your people are; if their values are not aligned to yours, you will pull in different directions. 
EOS, has a tool to determine whether people are right for your business; the People Analyser. It requires you to think deeply about every person on your team, while showing you how aligned they are to your values in a way that is simple to see. Here’s how it works. 
The People Analyser is a grid. On the vertical side of the grid you have the names of the people on your team. On the horizontal side, you have each of your core values. For example, focus on growth, collaborative etc. 
You give each person in your team a rating against each core value. The ratings are: 
+ : They demonstrate this core value most of the time 
+/- : Sometimes they show this core value, other times, they do not 
- : Most of the time they do not exhibit this core value 
Once you have awarded these ratings, you must decide where ‘the bar’ is. How many plusses should a team member have to be considered the right person? How many minuses (if any) are acceptable? 

The right seat 

Once you have made sure you have the right people in your business, you need to assess if you are using them correctly. Can they do the job you have given them? Are they in the right seat? 
In EOS, we use the Accountability Chart to assess everyone’s suitability for their seat. To begin, we help you build your ideal organisational structure. If you could wipe the slate clean and start from zero again, how would you structure your business? What roles would there be? 
This is interesting because many business owners will realise that there are roles in their company that have become obsolete. On the other hand, they will identify a need for positions which previously didn’t exist. 
We then help you identify five key responsibilities for each role, or seat. 
Next, you evaluate each person in your business against the responsibilities you have defined for their seat. We call the evaluation criteria GWC: 
Get it – do they understand their role and its importance to your vision? 
Want it – are they motivated to achieve success in their seat? 
Capacity to do it – Do they have the time and talent to succeed in their seat? 
To assign someone a seat, you need to be able to answer ‘yes’ about them for every question. 
Congratulations! You now have the right people. Even better, they’re in the right seats. 

Over to you 

If any of this resonates with you, let’s get together. 
To find out if you have the right people in the right seats, or more about EOS, please contact me to schedule a free 90-Minute Meeting with your leadership team and an EOS Implementer. If this seems premature – we get it. We’re entrepreneurs, too. 
Please know, this is NOT a high-pressure sales pitch. It’s just the simplest, best way for you and your team to connect with an EOS Implementer for a detailed overview of the system, the tools and the process. 
There’s no charge for this meeting, and no obligation. It’s a valuable learning event that will answer all your questions and fully equip you and your team to decide how best to move forward with EOS (or not). 
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